Summer Memories: A C64 Scene SID Music Album

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Hey girlz, boiz and otherz,

After long time of decisions I finally completed my latest album containing SID tunes recorded from the real thing (8580R5) including song a bit funny theme intros.

Information about the album

01 Distant Space Signals (TFX 2.8)
02 Chinese Restaurant (TFX 2.8)
03 Weather (SID Winder 1.23++)
04 Lost Friend (TFX 2.8)
05 In Da House (SID Winder 1.23++)
06 Uncertain Plans (TFX 2.8)
07 Summer Memories (TFX 2.8)
08 Hot Style Intro (TFX 2.8)
09 Colourless 2 (SID Winder 1.23++)
10 Hexadragon (TFX 2.8)
11 Trackmo Final (SID Winder 1.23++)
12 Magic Afternoon (TFX 2.8)

TT: 31:18 min.

This album has been made on the Commodore 64C with SID chip 8580R5.
It has been recorded directly from the machine.

(C) 2018 by Akio Tenshi
Track 01 original composition by Lazerhawk, track 02 original composition by Baltimora.
Tracks 03-12 composed by Akio Tenshi (Factor6).

Thanks must go to Balasz Takacs (Taki) for SID Winder, Lada Lostak (Ray) for TFX, Petr Chlud (PCH) and Jason Wotnau, TDM, kerol and YERZMYEY for technical and moral support.