Wanted for Revision 2018: Compo Organizers

Hello everyone,

The Revision 2018 crew is looking for new organizers in the Compo Team! Please find the advertisement from Scene.org below:

For this year’s Revision we are on the lookout for new organizers in the Compo Team. You will end up in an international team of organizers with many years of experience in compo and party organizing. You will need to learn how our internally developed tool-chain for running the compos works and will need to be present at Revision before the party during buildup (starting March 27th) so you can take part in the required preparations and the infamous test compo.

Of course you will also get free entrance, free food during the whole time, some great orga only swag, a few hugs and that warm fuzzy feeling after being part of such a great event.

For more information as well as contact details, please head over to: