Gaming on AmigaOS 4.1: Spencer by Entwickler-X Game Development

A-Eon Technology reports that Spencer is now available for purchase in AMIStore:

We are pleased to confirm that Spencer, the latest game from Entwickler-X is now available to purchase on AMIStore App Store for OS4.

Spencer is a colourful jump-n-run style game running in 3D, powered by Warp3D Nova.

The game features challenging levels and enemies. Find missing items, destroy enemies, collect coins and diamonds. 3D graphics packed in a nice graphics style, great 2.5D levels and proven game play gives you hours of fun.

Spencer is an intergalactic traveler who crashed his spaceship on Earth. Alien monsters, stowaways, have broken out and stole important parts to repair the spaceship.
Help Spencer to get the missing items for his ship. Destroy enemies, collect coins and diamonds to cover all tracks on earth.

Once purchased on AMIStore, Spencer can be downloaded directly from Updater, under My Purchases tabbed section or it can be downloaded from AMIStore’s My Purchases and Downloads section.

To run Spencer on Warp3D Nova, you will need to download the latest Warp3D Nova and OpenGL ES 2.0 library files from Updater application. Spencer requires the following libraries installed:

ogles2.library v1.19
W3DN_SI.library v1.47
Warp3D_Nova.library v1.47