Amos Kittens A new Amos interpreter for AmigaOS4.1

Typical way to run Amos under AmigaOS4.1 is by lots and lots onion layers.

Amos kittens removes two layers, hardware emulation and Classic AmigaDOS/Workbench.
And adds a new layer called RetroMode.library, that only simulates graphic but not exactly, first of all It's chunky not planar, it does not support dual playfields. Everything else should for the most part work similar.

You notice that Amos games now have closer access to AmigaOS4.1, this opens up a lot of opportunities, that we did not have when we were boxed into EUAE, USB support, AHI Support, long filename support, large disk support and all new stuff, that AmigaOS4.1 have, that AmigaOS3.x do not have.

The access from Amos game to AmigaOS is limited by only having access to old JMP tables, and only being able to execute 680x0 code, the AmigaOS4.1 hardware ranges from hardware that have Paula/Denice and hardware that don't, so it is extremely degrees to try to access hardware. 

This is way the lines are dotted.
Written small table to compare Amos Pro vs Amos kittens, 

Amos Pro

Amos Kittens


Amos Pro Amos Kittens XAMOS
Colors Planar 1bit to 6bit (64 color) / HAM6 (4096) Chunky 8bit (256 colors/RGB 4096), (future support for 32bit) True Color (32bit)
Fonts Bitmap fonts Bitmaps fonts + Bullet fonts True type
Filesystem 32 chars filenames now 32 chars, (128 chars in the future) N/A
Dula Playfields Yes No N/A
Load iff/Save Iff loads iff files. Use datatypes loads any picture N/A
JoyPorts 2 x Game ports (planned support for cd32 gamepads) Amiga Input (USB gamepads) same commands N/A
Color Flash yes yes N/A
Color cycle yes yes N/A
Rainbow effects yes yes N/A
Graphics OCS RetroMode.library N/A
Assembler 680x0 yes 680x0 (using Exec.library/EmulateTags) No
Assembler PowerPC no (maybe in the future) No
Bobs/Sprite software bobs/hardware sprites software spries and bobs N/A
Source code format Tokens (execute orginal source code) Tokens (execute orginal source code) ASCII (Not compatible syntax)
Extensions 68K yes (680x0 assembler, hunk format) Not initially (Some help appreciated) N/A
Extensions PPC no In the future ".library" format (C lanuage) N/A
File size 32bit / 2 Gbyte 32bit (64bit in the future) N/A
Audio Paula 8bit AHI 16bit sterro (software mixed 4 channels 8bit) N/A
Max screen resolution Hires / interlaced (640x512) Standard P640x512 - Can be hacked up HD resolutions. N/A
Fullscreen yes yes N/A
Window mode no yes N/A
iconify no yes should be possible N/A
workbench mode no maybe in the future N/A
CrossDOS yes no, whats the point? N/A
Serial port yes no, use SER: device N/A
decimal precision float read floats, math is done in doubles N/A
max string length 65535 4 Giga bytes of chars N/A
ABK support yes yes N/A
3D Software 3D No, Future maybe Warp3D Nova. N/A
"To" Command Commands that use TO, the TO command most be used No requirement (you should use "To" to write compatible code) N/A