Amiga 1200 new motherboard

While I intend to write about the duplicate board that is popping up in Amibay and Ebay soon, I did see this one and thought it was worthy of inclusion.

The Amiga 1200plus board, is multiple boards that fit together, providing various functionality depending on the module, and can be dropped into a real A1200 case (like the recent remakes of cases or originals):

As you can see, this will require a ‘donor’ board to get the socketed chips out and plugged in. A partially working original board would be the most likely candidate.

This one moves the non-socketed chips and DRAM to another board that plugs into the expansion on top. The SPI port that was developed by Terrible Fire and his range of accelerators is present and signaling for Zorro bus are available, meaning that RTG boards or others could be designed (hopefully we’ll see that).

Very cool stuff!