Updated link for Pimiga for Raspberry Pi 3 & 4

I formerly posted info about a beta release of PiMiga for RPi 4 and it was taken down shortly thereafter.  I don’t know if it was due to it being replaced for new features or the name was causing problems (it was called Corona edition).  Now, the newly renamed and re-released Lockdown Edition, has been released and there are downloads for both the RPi 3 and 4, not just the 4.

Due to how fast the other one disappeared, grab it now. Here’s the link and the password to unlock the file as of 4/6/2020 (can’t say any of this will work after today):


archive password: ViWsC7oU3

NOTE: There are 10 file links when there, the first 5 are for RPi3 and the 2nd 5 are for RPi4.  You don’t need to download them all. Becare full, these are HUGE files.