Amiga Viruses are still a threat? Fortunately, we have a team that is ever vigilant

Computer viruses aren’t things I would normally think about in the Amiga world, where the userbase isn’t nearly as large as Windows or Mac, since a virus is written by someone or a team.  However, viruses are still around.

I’m not sure which anti-virus software is the best or most updated but there is a team that is dedicated to the detection of Amiga viruses that are still on the job a quarter century after Commodore shut down.  Just yesterday a virus was uploaded to Aminet and detected within hours by that team. See their webpage –> here<–.

Yesterday, on April 30, 2020, something called the Jackal Trojan was detected, and just 19 days earlier, the Fuzz virus was caught.  Even though it is sad that this still occurs in Amiga-land, I’m glad there is a team warning about them and on the lookout.  Good job guys!