GnGeo (NeoGeo emulator)

  • By: ArtisHQ
  • Posted on: 15 February 2021

Author: Mathieu PEPONAS

Version: 0.8 WIP

GnGeo is a NeoGeo emulator.

This Work In Progress and there are still some speed improvements to be made.

Audio optimisation is done by nonarkitten (Renee Cousins)

ASM + AMMX optimisations are done by BigGun (Gunnar von Boehn)

Update: Big speed improvement, fixed display on vampires.


  • Minimum: Amiga with 68060 CPU, RTG card and 64MB RAM (depending of game ROM)
  • Recommended: Amiga with Vampire accelerator card or Vampire Standalone
  • 304×224 screenmode present in Picasso96Mode
  • To speed up loading of game ROMS, repack them with 0 compression level (5 times faster)

Useful links: