IBrowse 2.5.5 released

IBrowse has received another update, increasing it's version number to 2.5.5.

According to the release announcement, not much has changed visually, this is a maintenance release primarily addressing bugs, but also bringing a couple of new features - here's a quick (incomplete) overview of the changes in version 2.5.5:

  • catalog translations updated (Danish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish)
  • improved cookie information display
  • added third-party cookie detection / blocking
  • added AmigaOS3.2 detection
  • performance improvements (memory management, JavaScript)
  • bugfixes to form submission (OS4), installation (OS4 with "Enhancer Software"), <EMBED> tag handling, resumed downloads

IBrowse 2.5.5 demo in 32 colors (imageset) on a 64 color WB screen
Ibrowse 2.5.5 demo displaying AmiNet.net

Go to IBrowse's homepage for more details, download, and purchase:


* * *

Note: The installer script from the demo archive seems to have some small bugs - read below on how to fix.

Bugs were encountered installing IBrowse 2.5.5 demo (downloaded 2021-08-15 from ibrowse-dev.net) on a Amiga 1200 / KS3.0 / WB3.1, choosing "68020-030" version in installer dialogue. Line numbers in the screenshots below might be slightly inaccurate (e.g. due to additional comments).

Error "GETENV: String too long!" is probably caused by a "getenv" that doesn't properly evaluate under AmigaOS3, you have to make a little change to this "if" statement (near line nr. 1640):

Error "Unterminated string literal" might be a quoted string that has to be properly terminated on the same line (near line nr. 1507):

...and it works! :-)

Fixed installer script completes installation!