AMIGA alive software: xiffview 0.4 (update)

IFF ILBM imageviewer xiffview for Linux computers has a couple of new features, one of which is a command mode that allows you to extract image data as C code for sprite creation.

If you're a C programmer and want to create sprites with your program, this might be interesting for you. xiffview now has a command that takes a couple of arguments, namely x and y coordinates, height, bitmap numbers and color indices, and saves image data from that region of the image to a C code file for use in your program. 

xiffview v0.4 with test pattern image

Also xiffview now includes a "contrib" folder with a test pattern image for you to play with, and a generic Makefile kindly contributed by S. Haubenthal (thanks!).

And it now shows the image's palette below the image display.

See Readme-file included for more information.

You can download it from AmiNet: