August 31, 2021 ONSITE AmiWest revised room rates are posted!

  • By: AmiWest
  • Posted on: 14 September 2021

Our AmiWest venue is back to business as usual. It seems that everyone is having a meeting now and using "our" venue to do it! Of course, we don't own the hotel but we do want our AmiWest attendees to get the best room rates available. Please book your AmiWest room as soon as possible. This enables us to increase the size of our room "block" if needed before attendees at other events take up all the space. Just go to our reservations page for both phone and online reservations. You can reserve now with no prepayment needed! Just pay at the end of your stay. And, if your plans change, you can cancel up to 36 hours before your reservation begins at absolutely no charge! Our room rates are available from October 12 through check-out on October 18 at our favorable AmiWest rates, so come and spend some time vacationing in Sacramento in the fall as so many others do.