The Amiga Art Contest 2022 is on!

Amiga artists, warm up your fingers! 

Since 2019 "10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast" is organizing the "Amiga Art Contest", where all sorts of Amiga art creations - images, animation, sound - can be submitted. The 2022 event has just been announced. 

You can submit your artwork to the following categories:

1. Handdrawn artwork

2. Digital photography

3. Raytracing

4. Music

5. Animation

The rules are quite simple: "As long as your Amiga created it, you can submit it." Prizes will be given to the first place and second place winners of each category, plus an extra "Best of Show" winner.

The contest goes from June 1st 2022 until October 11th 2022.

Here's the official announcement video from 10MARC's YouTube channel (2022-06-06):

Go to for more information!