Games galore #28: Knightmare, Turbo Santa, Santa Rocks, BvA: It's Snow Joke, Rick Dangerous remake, Guardian The Legend of Flaming Sword

A medieval shoot'em-up, a couple of Christmas games from 2021, and some exciting work-in-progress: Rick Dangerous AGA and Guardian The Legend of Flaming Sword!


In Jan. 2022 an old MSX game got remade for the Amiga: Konami's "Knightmare", a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up with a fantasy theme.

It has a great background story - your goal is to rescue Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, from some evil Prince of Darkness. That sounds very epic, but of course a shoot-em-up is all about the shoot-em-up, and it's a good one in that regard.

This Amiga port aims to be a perfect, enhanced conversion of the original MSX game, with remastered graphics, updated soundtrack and sound effects, accurate recreation of the gameplay, a new hi-score table, and more, all running on Amiga 500 machines with 512KB ChipRAM and 512KB FastRAM.

Here's a game video from Hoffman's YouTube channel (2022-01-11):

Go to the game's website for more information and download:

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Turbo Santa release, and Santa Rocks re-release

Two Christmas 2021 releases by NIVRIG, one based on "Turbo Tomato", the other on "Dodgy Rocks" - both very entertaining games. It looks as if the two games were only available for a limited time, but if you like you can check the sources below for more details - and don't worry, you can still get "Turbo Tomato" and "Dodgy Rocks" for some good arcade action.

Here "Turbo Santa" teaser video from NIVRIG's YouTube channel (2021-11-27):

Visit NIVRIG games' website:

Check out NIVRIG games' games at:

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Bean vs. The Animator release and christmas special

Since we last reported about "Bean vs. The Animator" the game got released on, and a very lovely single level version with a cute Christmas theme was made available for free in time for Christmas 2021. It's called "It's Snow Joke", and - yeah, if you're in a solemn mood, why not obliterate tons of evil machines with some Jingle Bells playing along?

The game runs on any Amiga with 1MB ChipRAM and Kickstart 2.04 or better.

Go to "BvA: It's Snow Joke"'s website for more information and download:

Additional sources:

Rick Dangeous remake

Z-Team is working on a remake of popular classic platformer "Rick Dangerous", for AGA Amigas (including CD32) with 1MB of additional FastRAM.

The original game has many fans, and with an AGA enhanced, updated remake it will probably soon have even more. Current version number is beta 0.4, so for the final release a little more patience is required - but it already looks fantastic, and you can download the current development version if you want to try it out.

Here's a video from DomKid's YouTube channel (2021-12-28):

Go to the game's website for more information and download:

Additional sources:

Guardian - The Legend of Flaming Sword

Here's a very good looking work-in-progress, and it has an epic title:  "Guardian - The Legend of Flaming Sword"

It's a new platformer for ECS and AGA Amigas which is under active development, currently in some alpha stage. But from what we can already see it's obvious there are some very talented graphics artists at work, and it's also been quite a while since we've last seen a game character go surfing with his cat. Very promising material!

Here's the alpha version 0.8 development update video from Yoz Montana's YouTube channel (2021-11-23):

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 ...and some bonus gaming news:

"Time" full version

Amiga Future is a great printed Amiga magazine, and they also have a very respectable collection of software to freely download from their website. In Jan. 2022 another full, formerly commercial game was added: 1989 point-and-click adventure "Time" by Empire software. It has quite an ambitious scope - actual time travel - and indeed there's a large amount of animations, graphics, things to pick up and use, and so, stored on the two game floppy disks. Reviews from the time of it's initial release were favourable, and it's certainly still fun to explore "Time"!

Go to Amiga Future's website to download "Time", and many other full versions:

Additional sources:

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