Fantastic animation: "Dance of the Stumblers" (1987)

It doesn't happen too often that one stumbles [pun!] upon Amiga material from 1987, and is genuinely surprised. "Dance of the Stumblers" is a staggeringly beautiful, dynamic Amiga-generated animation that just has to be seen.

According to the video's description/comments, Mr. Steve Segal (no, not the similarly named actor) created this animation with Aegis Animator on an Amiga 1000, using cues that he had written down from the music track beforehand. Due to high demands on the hardware, playback was slow, so it was set to 1 frame per second, and photographed at the same rate with an animation camera. (See links below for more information.)

The result is an amazing example of Amiga creativity!  

"Dance of the Stumblers" (1987)

Make sure you check out Mr. Segal's YouTube channel: