Games galore #39: Tapper, Galaxian 500, Freak Out, Settle the World, Boxx games, Megafrog

Happy New Year! Tons of new Amiga games have popped up in 2023, and we're still trying to keep up.


Very good, in May 2023 another arcade classic got properly ported to the Amiga: "Tapper" from 1983, which was previously available for many other platforms.

It's a quick and fun game in which your job is to supply your pub's customers with adequate amounts of beer. Some just want a glass full, others need the extra pint, and you never know how many will ask for a drink at the same time. So things might get hectic in this game, and the new port to Amiga is pretty much arcade-perfect.

Here's a video from YouTube channel Saberman RetroNews (2023-05-26):

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or just click here to download "Tapper":

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Galaxian 500

And here's yet another arcade classic: With "Galaxian 500", highly active developer Jean-Francois 'jotd' Fabre adds another member to the awesome series of his "500" ports. "Galaxian" is an advanced variation of "Space Invaders". Just like Jean-Francois' previous works, it looks pretty much identical to the arcade version, and plays as good.

Here's a video from YouTube channel Saberman RetroNews (2023-06-17):

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Freak Out (work-in-progress)

'If "Pong" and "Breakout" had a baby...' - that's how author Michael Kafke describes his creation, and this description is quite accurate. (Not to be confused with the 1993 game of the same name.) Maybe "Freak Out" is closer to "Arkanoid" than to classic "Breakout", and certainly it has more colors than the original "Pong", but that's just the details. The game is still work-in-progress, for example there's very little sound yet, but it looks fine with its clean playfield design and detailed, yet unobtrusive, background imagery. Also it's already playable, and has a nice presentation, so... yeah, very good, (don't) freak out!

Here's a video from Michael Kafke's YouTube channel (2022-07-11):


Settle the World

Around Aug. 2022 developer Christian 'TheoTheoderich' Wiegel announced his turn-based strategy game "Settle the World", and has been working on it since, releasing a number of videos. 

Most obviously, the graphics are stunning. Interestingly, according to the description of a four hour development log video that was released by the author in Nov. 2023, they were created using artificial intelligence. Does this mark the first time AI has been used to create content for an Amiga game? The beautiful imagery in the game intro is accompanied by a tasteful and fitting soundtrack, the user interface looks pleasant and functional. "Settle the World" is already a quality production, and is still under further development, ensuring a very enjoyable experience for Amiga strategists.

The game requires an Amiga with 1MB ChipRAM, 4MB FastRAM, and a hard disk. Some CPU upgrade is recommended.

Here's a video from the author's YouTube channel (2023-02-11):

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Boxx remake, Boxx 2 remake, Boxx 3 remake, Boxx 4

Get boxxed! The Boxx games are a series of platform games with a nice selection of game mechanics, simple, but cute and effective graphics, and a couple of strategy elements. The average Amigan might get confused by the extraordinary high number of "Boxx" games, but in the end that doesn't matter. What matters is that all "Boxx" games are equally fun to play, and suitable for players of any age. If you like your platformers smooth, and with a little bit of thinking, you'll love the "Boxxes".

Boxx 3 remake, v0.2 beta, Aug. 2023

Boxx remake (2015 game)

Boxx 2 remake (2015 game) 

Boxx 3 remake (2017 game)

Boxx 4

Here's a video of "Boxx 4" from YouTube channel OSDane (2023-07-19):

Additional sources:


Megafrog (work-in-progress)

Around Nov. 2022, author Friar85 released this nice variation of the classic Frogger arcade game. Have you ever played "Crossy Roads"? Then you have an idea about "Megafrog". In "Megafrog", most things are a little bit bigger than in Frogger, in fact the screen scrolls vertically, meaning you'll need an extra bit of endurance to master the game. Also there are a lot more features than classic Frogger ever had, like crossings, and cars at different speeds.

It's been quite a while since we last heard from the game, but the preview looks smooth and solid. "Megafrog" runs on any Amiga. A little CPU upgrade (14MHz or better) is recommended, and a 2-button joystick is supported.

Here's a video from YouTube channel Saberman RetroNews (2022-11-01):

Go to game's pages for more information and download:

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