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What am I doing?

You might ask, what I am doing, as neither this blog nor j-uae gets any updates. Well, first of all, I have a life (really ;)?) and was on vacation with my family. Then I have a job (unavoidable, someone needs to pay the stuff in this expensive city). Bla bla .. ;).

Other than that, I really like to play withe the SMP branch ;). No, it is not stable, but I like to see all the effects and I am slowly getting to understand, how the AROS lowlevel stuff works.

At least after some boot-tries, you have a chance to get a relative stable SMP-AROS:

p-uae v0.1

I decided to do a quick alpha release of my p-uae port, grab it from the aros-archives / aminet, as soon as is accepted there.

This alpha release of P-UAE for AROS is based on the sources at from the 31st January 2013.

This is a *real* alpha version, don't expect anything: It *will* crash, it *will* miss features and so on.

As PUAE is based on the merged WinUAE version, it means, that P-UAE v0.1 is based on WinUAE 2.6.0.

.. and in 24 Bit

SDL can force a 32bit mode, so on a 24bit screen we do a:

SDL_SetVideoMode (current_width, current_height, 32, uiSDLVidModFlags);

And with this magic, PUAE also works in my 24-bit AROS/linux hosted environment :)!


Even the GUI opens up:

It is not really working either, but it at least sometimes is a real advantage, that gtk-mui exists :).


I have had no motivation to debug the j-uae bsdsocket.library code any further, so I decided to do something else:

Ancient Browser Experience

While trying to match 68k bsdsocket calls to x86 bsdsocket calls, I realized, how "old" our bsdsocket.library seems to be. Nearly every bsdsocket.library function is marked with texts like "THIS IS A DEPRECATED METHOD OF GETTING HOST NAMES" in modern man pages..
Nevertheless, there is progress :).

v1.3 coming closer..

Sorry for not blogging so much anymore, but time is a limited value these days ;).

Paolo keeps me pushing for a new version, so you have to thank him. Otherwise I would be too lazy most likely.

So far quite a few bugs have been fixed for the next version:

Janus-UAE v1.2 released

Nearly a year after 1.1 was released, I found the time to fix some of the v1.1 bugs. Some of them appeared because of recent AROS changes and bug fixes. There are no new features in this release.

Bug fixes: