New Amiga 3000, 4000 68k and PPC cpu card!

Gideon Zweijtzer and Rutger Bevaart have announced they are working to develop a new 68040 and PPC CPU card for the Amiga 3000(T) and Amiga 4000(T) computers.   The board will be named “Ultimate PPC”.  They already have a development board built!






New build environment

Just for breaking the silence after a long time, I want to tell you, that I did not loose interest in AROS or uae. It's just "some" missing spare time ;). Nevertheless quite some stuff happened behind the curtain (and will stay there, until it is done).

At it, again

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 15 April 2012

After my last JAmiga-hiatus, I am now trying to remember what I previously did, and what and I should do next. Looking at my own local classpath files, I am kind of confused over what I have done, which files have change, and what I haven't done. Meanwhile, the GNU Classpath has been released in version 0.99, which is somewhat a surprise to me, since I thought it was more or less abandoned in favour of OpenJDK.

A600: Picasso96 via Indivision ECS!

Hey peepz,

Busy weeks those have been but I was around the usual forums checking around and testing new stuff.

The previous weeks were exciting cause Symplex (Lutz D.) created an pseudo RTG driver that uses Indivision ECS via Picasso96 RTG system for our beloved Amigas!
What started as a joke on 1st of April evolved pretty quickly into something really nice with great potential :)