March 2017

Found an old picture of “OS5” development system

Back in 1998, Amiga Inc was in talks with QNX to use their desktop system as a potential base for the nextgen Amiga. Their web archive page also teased a new system for developers of OS5dev:

Ah, all the glory of tower systems in the late 90’s! Who else remembers these?

You can see their developer’s page archive here:

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A Look At: ENEMY 2: Missing In Action Collectors Edition

Enemy 2 was originally released as an download-only title back in 2013, but for some reason the developer decided to do a Collectors Edition re-release last year. The Collectors edition is a big box “retail” version of the original 2013 title, nothing extra here except for what collectors like, which is cardboard and plastic!. The big box version was actually mentioned several years...