Articles from Epsilon's AmigaOne X1000 Blog

Prisma Megamix and X-Surf 100 on A4000

My apologies for the delay in blog posts but work has been very busy lately and I have had very little free time. This week though I took delivery of the Prisma Megamix music card (A-EON) and X-Surf 100 (Individual Computers) and was very keen to try out both on my Amiga 4000!

Upgrading the Amiga 1200 Part 3

Hello and welcome to Part 3 of my Amiga 1200 Upgrade series! Today I am working on upgrading the CF Card on the Amiga 1200, which involves a full data transfer from the existing 4GB card to a new 8GB card using the Amiga 4000T, and upgrade from ClassicWB to AmigaOS3.9 and AmiKit Real 8.1 too!

Upgrading the Amiga 1200 Part 2

It is great to be working on my Amiga 1200 again this weekend! Today in Part 2 of the Amiga 1200 upgrade I am looking at the installation of Individual Computers ACA1233-55 (030-55Mhz accelerator) and the rather excellent Individual Computers Rapid Road USB clock port expansion, amongst other things!