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PC: Upgrading my gaming rig with custom watercooling (Part 3)

Hey guys.

One more photo update of my build, where I made some initial case cable management before anything else, in order not to have a cable mess inside the case while tubing...
The cables are meant to be covered with thin spiral cable wrap bindings at some point but for now... some tie wraps are just fine :)

PC: New GPU in da house :)

Hi peepz. I thought about sharing an update to my main gaming rig.

Some weeks ago I sold my Asus GTX760 DC2OC to a friend so I was without a GPU for this time. Thankfully the NVidia Maxwell series arrived, so I knew that it was time to update my mini rig :)
Sadly the GTX980 is out of my budget so the GTX970 was picked (it's best value for money anywayz).

Now to the tricky part... WHAT GTX970 is appropriate for my SG06?
I decided not to buy the entry level from any hardware vendor, so now I had 5 things to consider:

X500 Evo: Stuffing da beast (Part 7)

Hey peepz,

Despite thinking that this project was finished, I always come up with something else (lol).
Following my previous article and checking why my upper shell wasn't closing as well as I expected, I decided to make a little butchering by giving a tiny bit of carving on the spot where the PicoPSU is touching the shell...