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A600: Fun AmigaSYS testing and some recent OS additions

Hey peepz,

After my latest video (thanks for the nice comments btw), I decided to try more stuff to my system.
First of all and just for FUN purposes I decided to convert AmigaSYS 4 AGA to ECS :P
I really think that AmigaSYS is a nice compilation which has it's follower although, I'm not of them.
Sorry folks, ClassicWB all teh way! So... WHO said that AmigaSYS can't run on ECS machines? :D

A600: Some minor overclock plus some new video

Hey guys, long time no see :)

I've been tinkering a lot my A600's environment all this time plus making some efforts for my GREX 4000 but that will come in a different article in the following weeks.

So... hardware-wise I ordered an full ceramic MC68030@50MHz CPU from Amibay having the latest mask in order to replace my ACA's plastic MC68030@33MHz.
Not a big deal but I had to try :)

I removed the old CPU, putted the new one and this is how it looked without the heatsink on.

Setting up my playroom on my new home

My friends,
I'm really sorry I haven't updated this blog recently but as some you know I had many stuff involved in real life.
First was the birth of my lovely daughter that takes a great deal of my attention these days, but also a misfortune of having to move house since my former owner wanted it for herself.
Moving was done in min August and I can say I finally finished EVERYTHING :)

A4000: Installing Indivision AGA mk2

Hey peepz, long time no see, but I had a really good excuse :)
On 26th of May my lovely daughter was born and for that matter I was fully devoted to her and my wife :)
I'm really happy that everything worked out just fine, and that a new girly Amigan was born.

Anywayz... this weekend I found some time between her sleeps to tinker my lovely A4000 and my newly acquired Indivision AGA mk2 (for A4000/CD32).
Many have already made some reviews and troubleshoots via the known forums but here I will present my own POV.

So, this is what the package includes

A600: Picasso96 via Indivision ECS!

Hey peepz,

Busy weeks those have been but I was around the usual forums checking around and testing new stuff.

The previous weeks were exciting cause Symplex (Lutz D.) created an pseudo RTG driver that uses Indivision ECS via Picasso96 RTG system for our beloved Amigas!
What started as a joke on 1st of April evolved pretty quickly into something really nice with great potential :)

A600: Recent updates and a new video

Hey peepz just thought of sharing my latest updates since lately I've been tinkering my A600 a lot softwarewise :)
It's going really stable all this time, and I'm enjoying it very much.

Listening to music while I chat, or making custom Kickstarts is so enjoyable, and I run it on daily basis without a single crash.

Latest updates were: