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X500 Evo: Stuffing da beast (Part 5)

Hello peepz :)

Today's article will be among the last (X500's hardwarewise) but certainly the most important as it's about cable management in order for the upper shell's cables not interfering with the innards of the case.
Yeah I know I'm a bit OCD with the cables :)

As you might have seen already in my initial X500 Evo presentation article, the upper shell case has 2x 50mm Fans with it's cables, a cable for the Power switch, and 2x quite lengthy thick insulated LED cables for Power/HDD activity.

X500 Evo: Stuffing da beast (Part 4)

Hey guys.

I thought of posting one little update but with much importance :P
First of all 2 days ago I received my original Cherry MX Brown keyboard from Loriano as by little mistake my X500 Evo had the Cherry MX Blue ones when I received it.
Not some biggie as everything's just fine now.

I thought to share some keyboard pr0n for entertainment purposes.

X500 Evo: Stuffing da beast (Part 3)

Hey guys.

Not many updates these days as I'm still waiting stuff to arrive from overseas :(
One of the things that troubled me was were to put the 4-pin power connector.

As you might saw already, the X500 Evo has a small hole on the back side in order for a normal PicoPSU female power plug connector to be mounted.

X500 Evo: Stuffing da beast (Part 2)

Ok this time it didn't take long to progress (lol).

First of all, I realized that my Asus P8H77-I motherboard had an internal dual USB2.0 header and an internal dual USB3.0 header. Lets see... X500 case requires 3x USB 1.0/2.0 internal headers: