Articles from John "Chucky" Hertell

Upgrading the Phase 5 Cyberstorm MK2 from 68040 to 68060

This is how to upgrade a Cyberstorm 68040 Accelerator for the Amiga 3000/4000 to 68060.

I got a A4000 motherboard and Cyberstorm MK2 040 sent to me from my friend Klementino from Croatia to be repaired and maybe do something with the Cyberstorm, so why not max it out?

The Cyberstorm Acceleratorcars are the best accelerators for big box Amigas and it for sure is a beaty:

Replace the A2000 PSU With an ATX

I was sent an Amiga 2000.  The powersupply on it died.

So how to fix this?  well. you can put in an modern ATX Powersupply. So I did, and this is a short writeup of how to do it.


First of all, as most (all?) modern ATX PSUs do not contain the -5V signal, you will have problems using some ISA cards if you use a bridgeboard.  but as this is not a very common usage, this will not be a big problem.

So, first, remove your old PSU and open it.

IMPORTANT! do NOT touch the big capacitors on the A2000 PSU or the ATX one.

How to install WB 3.9 on a physical CF Card from WinUAE – Part 2/2

Now I want to install PFS3, so I have been lazy and downloaded the PFS3 from aminet: and unpacked it. (7zip unpacks lha files) and put it in the “T” directory of my rescuepartition.

in WB, first doubleclick on “Rescue”, rightclick to get the menues in the Window menu, Show -> all files” then you can fint T and then click to PFS3 install icons

How to install WB 3.9 on a physical CF Card from WinUAE – Part 1/2

Many times on different forums I have seen the question:

1. How do I install Workbench on a CF Card to me moved to my Amiga

2. How do I use PFS3

So, I decided to do this step-by-step guide of doing both of this. I will use workbench 3.9 if you want to install 3.1 you are in your own after you mounted the CF etc. But if you use large CF cards I recomend you to use 3.9 with all boingbags.

Building a very expanded Amiga 1200 Part 4

Now it is time to fix power, storage and finalize the build.

First, as the BPPC requires more power then the Amiga motherboard can handle. I have to add one extra +5V line.  I was thinking on how to fix this.  First I was planned to use the “Sheild” cable in the powercable as it was unused, but after some thinking I decided this to be a bad move and IF I should connect that to an non-modified Amiga, bad things would happen.  So I decided to have a extra powercable for the separate +5V.