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Building a very expanded Amiga 1200 Part 3

So next step is to try to get rid of cables and adapters of the outside the machine.

As my machine often is actually placed BELOW my desk I am not able to use the Amiga keyboard (that finally WILL be in the machine aswell) I got a Lyra2 keyboard adapter, letting me use a PS/2 type of keyboard on the machine.  It also works fine with my KVM switch (allowing me to use keyboard/monitor/mouse (KVM=KeyboardVideoMouse ) on all my machines.)

Well the Lyra adapter comes with a plate for towers, I do not want to go tower.

Building a very expanded Amiga 1200 Part 2

Ok. Next thing to get into the Amiga. the Phase 5 Blizzard PPC Accelerator.

As I told in the beginning, I got hold of an Blizzard PPC, 25MHz 68040, 175MHz 603e+ PPC CPU. I asked around if someone can upgrade it.

Basicly everyone recomended this guy called Stachu in Poland for this kind of job. So I did. some weeks later I got a package:

Building a very expanded Amiga 1200 Part 1

I had an A1200 with an ACA1232 accelerator. when suddenly I got hold of an BPPC Accelerator and BVision.

the BPPC Was 040 so I checked out and found one that could upgrade it to 060 and also change the PPC to a faster one. in Poland. So.. I did send it there.  when I got it home I was thinking. what to do with out?  Tower? or my first plan. my A1200 case was a blackpainted one and no keyboard. but I got hold of a nice A1200 case and keyboard.  so. why not try to put it all back in an A1200 case and actually try to get this running WITHOUT a tower that most BPPC Machines are.