Commodore Legends: Petro Tyschtschenko

  • By: 32bitos
  • Posted on: 31 May 2013

Ο Petro μετά από τόσα χρόνια είναι ¨εδω¨ και δίνει συνέντευξη στο MOS6502.

Κάθε φορά που διαβάζω κάποια συνέντευξη ενός ex Commodore γεμίζω με νοσταλγία, χαρά αλλά και πικρία για την αδίκη κατάληξη που είχε η Amiga. Αν κάποιος δεν το είχε ζήσει, δεν μπορεί να καταλάβει. God Save The Amiga!

Assist 1.1

Assist 1.1 is now available to download from OS4Depot.

This latest release sees the introduction of support for the Jack AppStore for downloads. Jack 4 users can now enjoy asynchronous downloads from Assist. Check Assist's Preferences to switch on this new feature.

Assist 1.02

Assist 1.02 is now available to download from OS4Depot.

This update features 10 new articles and 5 new tutorials.

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So we are moving forward whit Excalibur 1.3.5.

Some really nice new features in this version, is that you do not need to quit Excalibur to reload settings. When I made the changes I discovered lots small bugs, that I have been addressing, mostly rendering related.

I most say it has been lots of bugs found I'm a bit surprised, mostly not critical, they just need to be fixed, it really does not help having lots of new features if the program is not work as expected, so this has to be fixed first.

A600: Mounting HxC & Floppy Internally (Part 3)

Hello my friends.

Continuing my work for mounting internally my HxC and slim floppy drive, I had some minor stuff that needed to be fixed.
First of all, I needed to put some headers in HxC switches and on the slim floppy drive LED. Both of these wires were mounted directly from the adapter to the mobo and case, so if I needed to dismantled and remove the floppy it would have been messy.

Assist 1.01

Assist 1.01 is now available to download from OS4Depot.

This update features various minor bug fixes, 20 new articles and some updated ones.