Bounty completed!Power2people agreed

Bounty completed!

Power2people agreed, that the bounty is completed, so I put a label v1.0 on Janus-UAE and released it at the AROS-archives. V1.0 is just a relabeled and recompiled v0.9, so there are no bug fixes/new features in there.

I already received the bounty money, which leaves me to thank all donators. The money will be spent for our next family vacation.

Learning all about Linux schedulers...

I've recently been looking in to the process scheduler linux uses. I found a good write up here: which includes a list by kernel version. The process scheduler is different from the IO scheduler and much harder the change.

Here is the linux scheduler history from the wikipedia:

Linux pre-2.6 Multilevel feedback queue
Linux 2.6-2.6.23 O(1) scheduler
Linux post-2.6.23 Completely Fair Scheduler

The devil is in the details

I often use that phase.  I use it cause it is a good phase, simple but powerful.  In gaming life I recently found my character dropped to 0 hit points.  It was looking like a TPK (Total Party Kill) as I was the healer and being down makes it really hard to heal folks.  So I was looking at my character sheet looking for a way out and noticed that my armor gave me resist 5 psychic.  Turned out I took 3 points of psychic before the blow that took me to 0.

Documentation.. is always


.. is always boring to do. I did a quick guide how to install AmigaOS3 with all required packages and configurations to get Coherency working in j-uae:

This took more time, than I thought, but it might be a starting point for some people.

Productive day

  • By: bborsari
  • Posted on: 27 February 2011

Finally built the clock I picked up at Makers Fair last year!

Also butchered a pineapple.

Good day so far.

Edge of the World - a D&D 4e campaign

  • By: bborsari
  • Posted on: 25 February 2011

Far more years ago then I care to remember I started playing D&D again with some friends.  It started as a game once a month, then we started a regular Thursday night game and that Thursday night game is now on it's second campaign.

Why "Court of the Universe" and why this blog?

  • By: bborsari
  • Posted on: 23 February 2011

I chose to call my blog "Court of the Universe" after one of the locations of the 1915 PanAmerican worlds fair.  I always liked the names people gave things in the past, they instilled a sense of grandeur simply by what they called it.  In reality it was a temporary structure build of chicken wire and stucco but for the year it was around it raised the hopes and dreams of those who came to pay it homage.  Built in a time when America was a raising force in the world, tucked on the wrong side to two oceans and the land of hopes and opportunities.

p.bes specialp.bes: "What

p.bes special

p.bes: "What I need is JUAE able to load the configuration file, edit it with the gui, and then save it again with its name or another one choosen by the user."

I hope, this does the job:

Cat Herding Drivers

Cat herding (managing software developers & engineers) is difficult enough. It certainly doesn’t help that your cats... er... people become demotivated when offered things like large cash bonuses. Why on earth would a large bonus not motivate people?