A Look At PowerGlove Reloaded Collector’s Edition

2018 was a pretty good year for the Amiga and maybe more so for the Amiga CD32, loads of new games announced and all sorts of big box projects popping out of nowhere.  PowerGlove Reloaded got released right before Christmas in digital form and a pre-order for a physical big box collector item thing was […]


A Look At Watchtower – More Dogs Of War?

Do you remember Ikari Warriors, Commando, Warzone, Leatherneck or even the brilliant Dogs Of War? Well, if you liked any of those and want more of the same then you might want to check out Watchtower from CyberArts.  Watchtower came out in 1996 for AGA machines, a CD32 version was planned (and is mentioned in the […]


A Game (And A World) That Never Was

A long time ago, after many years away from computers of any kind, I went back to coding. At that time, exactly like today, I was deeply involved with consoles stuff, so I really appreciated when Sony put for sale its PS2 Linux Kit. It was back in 2002, so I don’t know how many […]


A Look At XP8 – Lost In Space?

XP8 is yet another of those late Amiga games that didn’t get the attention it deserved and therefore I decided to spread some more XP8 love here on the blog. Weathermine Software had a short lifespan on the Amiga sadly, their first game was Bubble gun and their final game was XP8, both of them was […]


Book Review: Commodore The Inside Story

Preserving the memory of the past has always been a sensitive topic for all human activities, and even though for some reasons this was not true for the computer and gaming industry, things seem to have now changed for good. Amiga, in particular, is somewhat living a kind of golden age again, at least as […]


Trap Runner Out Now – With Big Box Version TBA

Trap Runner was one of 2018’s best Amiga 500 games but up until a few days ago there was only a party version (albeit it felt very complete) from September, the final version is out right now and yes it is still free and still brilliant. So what the heck is Trap Runner? Well, it’s […]


X5000 - Bootscreen

The AmigaOne X5000 Bootscreen, could possibly make the source files available so people can see how it was created. Also could post other designs that got scrapped in favour of this one :)

Amiga X5000 - LED Frontpanel Design

Before the Amiga X5000 came out, I created this design concept showing various designs.
One day might investigate what it would take to create a custom LED panel for the X5000. 

STARQUAKE – On The Amiga

Stephen (Steve/Steven) Crow is most likely a name some of you have heard a few times in the past and this is for a reason, his games had a certain style and some say they even had magic in them and even more think of his games as if they are the best of its […]