Neo Geo Emulation

I recently got the chance to attend the Play Expo in Blackpool which is a series of events which take place every few months around the UK aimed at the […]

Iridium - Working on texturemaps - Desert

Iridium has not lost any love in development.  Some test concepts here and a quick sample of some of the assets.  The cracked desert textures still needs refining and will be transparent layers on top of the sand texture. 

I have a few tricks up my sleeve to achieve the seamless texture but its going to take some time :)

Reshoot R - Update - New weapon

Richard has been busy implementing lots of new features into Reshoot R.  Besides this new weapon he has rewritten the sprite engine that now allows for a lot more particles and effects.  See his post on his Patreon site for more technical details.

Happy Anniversary AmigaGuru’s Gamerblog

This blog venture of mine started 6 years ago now, well it ain’t 6 years until early next month, but I wanted to post a new milestone news item about the current state of Facebook likes and general traffic over the years. Gianluca made a “Facebook Likes” celebration picture for this post as who would have thought that we now have 6.374 Facebook page likes and yes hold onto your...