first night wiring progress

Now I remember why I like FPGAs so much, no freakin’ wiring!@!#

Here’s a start to what the monster looks like.  I think I’ll like the PCB form factor a little better. :)

I thought a little bit about how I lay this out, but I didn’t come to any great solution.  Almost seems like the traveling salesman problem!

ISSI memory chip mounted

So I can’t believe how freakin’ tiny those pins are coming off the memory chip.  The pads on the surfboard were huge by comparison.  I actually thought there was a manufacturing defect on the memory chip and they forgot to include the pins or something.

I am totally lacking any type of magnification…..I’m gonna place a few orders and get some stuff in here for the future.  I’ve been looking for a good high quality 10x loupe and a lighted magnifier for a long time.  Most of what I see out there is total crap.

AmiWest Payments Invoiced

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12 days until AmiWest 2013!

It's only twelve days until AmiWest 2013. As usual, we have been
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