Doing the A3660 CPU board, the first open “Seminative” 060 solution. and why.

This is the story how to reverseengineer a 040 board, and take it to the next step.

This board is shown for the first time at Amiga32 in Neuss/Germany

TL;DR:  files at bottom of this post!


The Commodore A3640 is a well known CPU board for the Commodore Amiga.

It is also know as the 040 board that is ordered as the WORST CPU board ever…

AND  it is true..

BUT! this board is the only we have with all data on all chips..  all GAL data is released by Dave Haynie some time ago.

A Look At Hermes Amiga & Dreamcast

Hermes is actually a Dreamcast game with AmigaOS4, MacOS-X and Windows versions on the same CD. The Dreamcast version can be seen as the main dish here i guess, the rest as side dishes as it is mostly seen as a Dreamcast only title as that is the only format the game autoboots on. The last attempt of this that i know of was Leona’s Adventure but as you may know this project failed to...


A Look At Lumberjack Reloaded CD32

Lumberjack Reloaded for the Amiga came out a couple months ago now, the reason for this late article is that i wanted to try the game a bit more on various hardware here. There’s two versions available, 1 CD version (CD32/CDTV) and 1 Floppy version and the one i got is the CD version which works on both the CDTV and the CD32. Every version of Lumberjack Reloaded comes in a white DVD case and...



Seeing as my first ever games console was the Atari 2600, it should come as no surprise that I have a certain fondness for all things Atari.  I still own […]

Apollo Team Activity Report: GOLD 2.7 core, GOLD 3 core, Vampire V4

Apollo team has released an activity report on their forum website, addressing some current issues, like the halted Vampire V2 600 production, as well as ongoing new developments.

Some highlights from their report:

- GOLD 2.7 includes faster IDE, hardware sprites, optimized rewrite of RTG graphics driver, MapROM functionality, hybrid software/hardware FPU, HyperThreading, and more

- GOLD 2.7 core will be available for Vampire V2 500, V2 600, and V4

The Cult of Amiga

Website "Popular mechanics" has published a nice article that kind of gives a rundown of the entire history of Amiga computing, and an insight into the enthusiasm that still keeps the platform alive.

Super Methane Bros

I had the chance today to download a new game which has appeared on OS4 Depot, namely a SDL2 optimised version of the Classic Amiga game Super Methane Bros for […]

Terrible Fire’s accelerators for Amiga

I’ve posted about this fellow before, but on YouTube, a user named Terrible Fire has been designing open sourced amiga Accelerator and vlogginb about it. It was in late 2016, that he put up his first video about an Amiga 500 68020 accelerator (TF520). You can see that video here: