A501 coin-cell battery modification

The name "VARTA" strikes fear into the hearts of Amiga 500 plus, and A501 memory expansion owners: VARTA rechargeable batteries have been built into these devices, and with growing age are prone to leak green acid, damaging the printed circuit boards and other components.

Huenison + BOH & BOH Advance Collector’s Editions

Simone Bevilacqua (RETREAM) contacted me a while back regarding plans of running a second print of his Amiga OS4 games “Huenison, BOH and BOH Advance” and if I wanted to pre-order it as he knows that I collect Amiga games, and yes I am one of the guys which never got around to order them […]


The Games We Never Talk About: Land Of Genesis

The Games We Never Talk About (But Should) (TGWNTABS) is back again and this time we will talk about a rather new title (by Amiga standards), it came out back in 2000/2001 and it sort of never got the attention it deserved thanks to a very dwindling Amiga community. Land Of Genesis was developed by […]