Not that it is really useful, but with some small icons the gui looks even more like WinUAE.

AmigaOne X5000 in "Supercuts" tv commercial

That's a nice one: Charles Paek has used A-EON's AmigaOne X5000 (precisely: an X5000 beta in a X1000 case) in a tv commercial for US haircutters "Supercut", 9000 branches strong. You can see the X5000 with it's boing ball design prominently standing on the desk, and even AmigaOS 4 running on it for a brief moment.

Insane Amount Of Amiga’s Spotted In SUPERHOT VR

The love for the Commodore Amiga is far from uncommon in today’s gaming scene although most of it goes into small references and nothing like the stuff you can spot inside the first minute of SUPERHOT VR. The amount of Amiga’s spotted within a few minutes in this game is nothing short of amazing!. An Amiga 1200 spotted on the desk, tucked in between an A3000(?) and an odd looking...


Learning the YM2612 with a Sega Genesis Model 1

I’m planning on using the Yamaha YM2612 FM synthesizer chip that has been used in both keyboard synthesizers, but also in the Sega Genesis consoles. The purpose is to add audio capability to my DIY Tablet computer. If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know that my computer uses the Motorola 68000 processor, so I looked to other 68K machines for inspiration. What did other hardware designers in the 1980s and 1990s choose to use for adding audio to their computers?