Amiga 1200 new motherboard

While I intend to write about the duplicate board that is popping up in Amibay and Ebay soon, I did see this one and thought it was worthy of inclusion.

The Amiga 1200plus board, is multiple boards that fit together, providing various functionality depending on the module, and can be dropped into a real A1200 case (like the recent remakes of cases or originals):

ABC iView TV streaming and downloading preview on X5000

Back in 2015 I covered a script written by MickJT to allow AmigaOS 4.1 users to stream local Australian TV channel ABC iView programming.

In May 2015 the ABC changed the method to stream iView dropping PS3 support which broke the script, as I reported back then.

Now, in 2019, thanks again to MickJT, we have a new script and ABC iView streaming works again, now using my AmigaOne X5000!

Book Review: Hints And Tips For Videogame Pioneers

The best part of retrocomputing, if you are really into it with an “academic” attitude and not just out of nostalgia, is studying in depth what happened back in the ’80ies based on the stories of who made it happen. I sure was there, but I was just a kid and little I knew of […]


A Look At Catacombs 3 For The Amiga CD32

Some of you might remember an article about Projekt:Lila that we did a while back here on the blog and the reason why I mention this now is that this was the second release for the IndieGO! system. If you wonder what that was, then I suggest you check out the Projekt:Lila article, anyways the […]