A Look At Hibernated 1 – All In One Edition

The ongoing stream of Amiga releases never cease to amaze me, I mean, “Hibernated 1 – This place is death” has to be something like the 20th or so game in the last year or so alone and that ain’t a bad thing for a dead format, right? The thing with this Hibernated 1 box […]


The Games We Never Talk About: Motorhead

It is finally time to return to a series we started back in March 2019 with Kid Gloves II, The Games We Never Talk About (but probably should) series, this time it is for another title that I really enjoyed when it came out and still do today, Motorhead. Why Motorhead is one of those […]


A Look At International Karate+

Foreword: a few weeks ago a good friend of mine pointed me toward a fairly new Italian website, called RetroMagazine. As the title implies, the author aimed to write a retro magazine (Italian only, for the time being) mainly focused on the 8bit era. As you know, I did post a few articles already about […]


A Look At Projekt: Lila Remastered

It is crazy to think that it has been nearly 3 years already since i received this Projekt: Lila game, there are several reasons to why I never did get around to review it but the main one was that when I got this game I also got the over-hyped console thingy called the IndieGO!, […]


Building your own Amiga from the board up?

It’s been a while since I’ve made any entries, but I have been lurking around the Amiga community on and off for the past few months, thinking about a trend I’m seeing: People getting printed boards of either replicas or completely new Amiga board designs and building them by the parts.

I hope to talk more about these and the new designs, but for starters, here’s a video of someone soldering on the components for a replacement Amiga 1000 board that also sports things the Amiga 1000 never had access to: 68060 accelerator, a USB board, and a video card.

A Look At The RESHOOT-R Signature Edition

We have blogged about RESHOOT-R a few times already now and that for a reason, but now the time has come to write a few words about one of the 3 editions available to buy now. If you want to know more about the game itself and what we here at AmigaGuru’s Gamer blog thought […]


The Return Of Choplifter? -Dustoff Heli Rescue II

Some of you might remember my love for the old horizontal Choplifter type of games like Apocalypse, Fort Apocalypse and yes even the relatively new one Choplifter HD for the PS3, so when I noticed this game called Dustoff Heli Rescue II thanks to last weeks PSN Sale I just had to go and check […]


A Look At RESHOOT-R:Let The Shooting Begin

RESHOOT-R has been in the wind lately and that for a reason, it is simply one of the largest releases for the Amiga this year and yes today is the official launch day (28th of May 2019) and this is our review. RESHOOT-R is the sequel to the 2016 hit shoot ’em up game RESHOOT […]


Reshoot R - Twitch live stream