The Dream Of Rowan – Pre-order Campaign

AmiTen Software have been around for a while now and most Amiga people have probably heard about them in one way or another by now for sure, one of the reasons is most likely because of their upcomming game ” The Dream Of Rowan “, a game i have mentioned before on this very site even. The game started as an normal game project and then it was put on kickstarter but failed to meet its...


Gaming news: Elfie the Unicorn, Heroes of Gorluth, Tales of Gorluth II

New games! Amiworx and Amiga68K-Productions have some new stuff waiting for you classic Amiga gaming aficionados.

"Tales of Gorluth" by Amiworx got some sort of sequel by the name of "Heroes of Gorluth". It's an action adventure platformer, and claims to have some interesting NPC interaction, boss battles, lots of action, and high quality graphics and sound. It's available as digital download, and CD-ROM edition, which is limited to 300 copies, and requires a 68020 CPU, ECS/AGA, and 2MB RAM. You can get a glimpse of it's epicness over at:

Descent Freespace 2

A lot of AmigaOS 4 users are aware that you can currently buy a copy of Descent Freespace which was converted by Hyperion Software, however what appears to be little […]

Babylonian Twins Kickstarter

I recived a mail from the guy behind the Babylonian Twins project a while ago now (a month ago…) and the mail basically asked if we could try and help getting more people in on the mailing list to (basically)motivate him to kickstart the project. The version will be multi-format and one of the versions will be the original Amiga version which they started (and supposedly finished) back in...