Building the ReAmiga 3000 – Part 1

This is my text-version (and slightly revided) guide how to build an ReAmiga 3000 that I did as a youtube videoseries shown at:

This tutorial works for my A3000 clone, and both the SMD and TH versions. (but my photos is from the SMD version)

The SMD version.  is called like this that all passives etc is SMD.  still chips etc is as it is on the original A3000, TH.

New Amiga Book Coming On KS

Over a year ago I reviewed the outstanding book Commodore: The Inside Story,  from former Commodore UK managing director David Pleasance. Writing said a review was a kind of cathartic experience to me since, as you can learn by reading my biography here, I was “forced” to stay away from computers the exact moment their […]


The Curse Of Rabenstein Review

In a world that is often depersonalized and where we tend to follow major brands instead of real people, it is a real pleasure to finally find someone really inspiring. As far as I am concerned, this one is Stefan Vogt, adventures writer and coder who we already introduced on these pages with Hibernated 1 […]