Retrospective: Banshee

The Amiga certainly had its fair share of brilliant shooters over the years,most people mention games like Apidya, Hybris, Blood Money, Project X or Battle Squadron as their number one Amiga shoot ’em up, all splendid titles but very few people mention any of the brilliant AGA exclusive shooters like Banshee, Super Stardust, T-Zer0 and so on. Core Design made a few shoot em ups for the Amiga...


Rarest of the rare: The Commodore Amiga CD1200

The arrival of CD-technology for personal computers caused a huge shift in software development and user experience. The added storage capacity led to a hugely increased amount of content delivered with a software title. Gone were the days of swapping floppy disks, now a single CD could deliver everything required, and much more. CD was everything and everywhere.

Wipeout 2097

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last month, what with a trip to the US last month, coupled with work commitments and of course the busy Christmas period, […]

The Dream Of Rowan – Pre-order Campaign

AmiTen Software have been around for a while now and most Amiga people have probably heard about them in one way or another by now for sure, one of the reasons is most likely because of their upcomming game ” The Dream Of Rowan “, a game i have mentioned before on this very site even. The game started as an normal game project and then it was put on kickstarter but failed to meet its...