Word processing options on the X5000

I’m inspired for today’s post by a comment that someone made to me via a user local user group, where they commented that it was great that I am showing off a modern Next Generation Amiga machine as a computer that you would use for everyday tasks.

Removing Mac index files on my X1000

One of my pet annoyances on the Apple Mac is the autocreation of thousands of ._blah index files for every file on your hard disk, cached by MacOS X.

How does this relate to my X1000? Well, when I copy my music and photos across from the Mac to the X1000 I end up with these really annoying files on my hard disk, which are not visible on a Mac but very visible on anything else.

SNES9X- Super Nintendo Emulator

Today I am going to take a look at Snes9X  a Super Nintendo Emulator which has been ported across to Amiga OS4.1 by the very talented HunoPPC whose work in porting a lot of games to the platform means that we are not totally starved of games.