Bars&Pipes goes AROS

Outstanding news for Amiga musicians: Professional music program Bars&Pipes has been ported to AROS!

Bars&Pipes is a professional grade MIDI music composition program that was originally developed by Blue Ribbon Soundworks in the 1990s. It supports Amiga audio via AHI and plugins (called "tools" in Bars&Pipes).

The A1222+ – Now Available for Purchase on!

Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog. The A1222+ is now finally available for purchase! The price for a motherboard without RAM is 1,199 EUR. 4 GB of RAM costs 39,99 EUR extra. It includes 17% VAT (Luxembourg). A complete system costs 1,599 EUR. This price does also include VAT. Please visit the website of […]

Amiga Future Issue 167 Released

Hi, Thank you for visiting the Old School Game Blog. If you, like myself, enjoy reading a proper paper magazine, then you’ll be happy to read that a new issue (number 167) of Amiga Future has been released. The magazine is in full color and filled with Amiga-related content. Here are some examples of what you […]

Versatile Amiga Testprogram – Version 5.92 Beta Released

Hi everyone, A new version of the Versatile Amiga Testprogram has been uploaded to Aminet. This is version 5.92 Beta. The author states: “An Amiga TestProgram for all Amigas. Remove hardware from the parallel port when doing tests on this port and real interrupt testing. Don`t use Amitestkit or DiagROM testplugs! Remove parallel port testplug […]

AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup – February 2024

AmigaOS 4 News – February 2024 Hi, Welcome to the second AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup of 2024! It has been yet another active month in the world of AmigaOS 4. We’ve got plenty of updates to software and releases. The A1222+ is not out the door yet, but hopefully, it will be in March. As […]

Updates to Wayfarer and Iris for MorphOS

Hi, Thanks for visiting the Old School Game Blog. Jacadcaps has been hard at work updating Wayfarer, the MorphOS’ WebKit browser, and Iris, the e-mail client. Version 7.4 of Wayfarer can be downloaded from the official website. Here are the changes since the previous release: Version 1.21 of Iris is available for download here. You’ll find an […]

Versus #10 – The Amiga Demoscene Chart – Voting Has Started!

Hi everyone, Versus is a demoscene chart and disk magazine created by two demo groups, Nukleus and Void, for Amiga OCS/ECS and AmigaOS 4. Nine issues have been released so far. The last one, Versus #9, came out in 2019. Versus #10 is on the way, and voting has officially opened! Cast your vote for your favorite demos, intros, […]

Crawling back to life

If there ever was an annus horribilis in my life, it was 2023 – and the year had started so well! I had updated the Rave audio editor to version 1.6 in February, and began planning new features soon after the release. But unpredictable as it can be, life decided otherwise. In the summer my marriage suddenly collapsed for reasons I’m still trying to fathom, and all of my Amiga activities went on the back burner.

Planes, Trains, Food and catching up with AmiKit creator

 My February has been really busy, travelling for business in late January to Prague, which is in the Czech Republic. I had assumed I would have time to do some blog posts when I returned but it has been very busy since my return in mid February too! 

Before I left for Europe in late January I did get some time to try out some of the latest 2024 Amiga demos from Gerp 2024: