Games galore #29: Caves & Cargo, Choctris, Attack of the Petscii Robots, Project Quest - Chapter 2, Castle Danger

In this issue: a game inspired by "Gravity Force", another "Tetris" game, a character-set based action adventure, an original top-down view shooter, and a virtual board game.

Caves & Cargo

This is an arcade action game similar to "Gravity Force", under development by EAB user TheoTheoderich: Fly your spaceship through caves and collect cargo.

P96 V3.3.1 is out!

Jens Schönfeld / individual Computers is showing his commitment to Amiga RTG software by releasing another update of P96 graphics card driver.

Here's a copy of the v3.3.1 list of changes:

The Amiga Art Contest 2022 is on!

Amiga artists, warm up your fingers! 

Since 2019 "10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast" is organizing the "Amiga Art Contest", where all sorts of Amiga art creations - images, animation, sound - can be submitted. The 2022 event has just been announced. 

You can submit your artwork to the following categories:

1. Handdrawn artwork

2. Digital photography

3. Raytracing

4. Music

5. Animation

My Mega 65 has arrived!

This week I returned from a business trip overseas for the past few weeks. This is why I haven't been able to blog this month until now. But now I am back, and my pre-ordered Mega 65 computer has arrived!

So what is a Mega 65? 

HippoPlayer 2.52 update is out!

Allround Amiga music player "HippoPlayer" got a new update, with lots of fixes and enhancements.

It updates HippoPlayer to version 2.52, thus requires an existing full installation.

Here's a quick overview of the changes from 2.50 to 2.52 (skips 2.51), according to the AmiNet readme file (see link below):