Replacement RAM for GVP accelerators

So, anyone who has ever had an Amiga Accelerator from GVP (Great Valley Products), knows they are good hardware. But you’ve also probably noticed that the accelerators only take GVP-designed RAM SIMMs. I don’t know if this was to satisfy some timing issues or electrical issues or if they just wanted to keep close control over the RAM for profit reasons.

Starcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 for Amiga OS4

So, I think I blogged about Stratagus a long time ago. It was an RTS engine that was ported to Amiga OS4 (and possibly 3.x as well). Using some addons, called Stargus, Amiga users could play Starcraft 1. It’s been around for a while but there is something called Wargus for Stratagus that makes Warcraft 2 available for Stratagus.

Setting up a cross compiler for the Amiga

Here’s a video for those interested in getting into development for the Amiga (and Amiga-related OSs like AROS and MorphOS). This involves setting up a cross compiler system to build the final output which will run on the Amiga. Very helpful:

Rumored features of MorphOS 3.10

As usual, the MorphOS team doesn’t tell you when the new release will come. Sometimes, the release of the SDK beforehand will let you know when it is close but it has been some months now.

However, there are some rumors running about now for the next 3.10 release: