Sigh.. Phase5 .. AGAIN

Well I know I told I would not write more about Phase5..

Just a quick update.

Salvador. the “owner” that also have been banned from Facebook. (both personally and companypage)

he have done (C) strikes about me on FB from fake accounts and Youtube.  I have reported those claims as fake. but it is hard to talk to something else than BOTs..

So videos of me sanding the bppc PCB showing it is lacking connected ground etc is removed.

HOWEVER!  they are all saved:  so links to them from my local own server:


Amiga Inc - My history with them

Tis the season to be jolly :) Around 2008 I remember fondly working with "Amiga Inc" on a few projects and here is a little teaser of my work with them. This information though might only be available members of my Patreon :) 

The chicken is back: "Tiger Claw" released!

If you don't remember "Bruce Lee" from the Commodore 64 you shouldn't even be here. If you do, on the other hand, rejoice!

Ok, if you don't remember "Bruce Lee", you're of course still free to rejoice, too: One of theee classic C64 games of all time has been remade as "Tiger Claw", originally for the C64, and is now being commercially released for the Amiga! (And Windows, MacOS, Linux, btw.)

Leather Goddesses of Phobos Review

I’ve always been a videogame lover, possibly even before fully understanding what a computer really was. Back in those days though, mainly due to memory constraints, games mostly came in the form of platformers, maze-runners or fast-paced shooters, all genres that I never learned to master…. As a direct result, I never really played that […]


The Amiga Calendar 2019: A Glimpse Of 1989

The good thing about Facebook and Social media groups is that you sometimes meet people that want to be creative and do something for the community/scene, size or ambition doesn’t really matter as it is all about trying to do something for our beloved machine. The Amiga Reloaded Calendar is such a creation, Martin C […]


Reshoot R - Update

Very early design, just nice to post what I'm up to right at this time.  Finishing off the Design CD cover for Reshoot R.

Quitting the blog permanently

I think most of you have figured it out already, but I thought I should make it official anyway. I am quitting this blog permanently. The reasons are twofold.

First, I got two sons now and they take up a lot of my time.

Second, my interests have shifted and I no longer use MorphOS much.

I will keep everything I’ve written as it were in the hopes that it’s still useful to someone.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

 / Johannes Genberg

An Old School Platformer – Christmas Breakdown

One of the reasons why I’m not very active on the blog in these days is due to the fact that I’m spending a considerable amount of time doing researches about Commodore and Amiga‘s heyday, including how and why their era ended almost all of a sudden. So while I was meditating about what to […]


Amiga - Colour Cycling 001

Skill Grid – A New Amiga Shoot Em Up Out Soon

I have been very busy with various game projects lately and one of the projects is this new game from RETREAM called Skill Grid. The author (Simone Bevilacqua) of the game contacted me a while back and it didn’t take long before he sent me beta upon beta of this new creation of his.  I […]