A Look At Catacombs 3 For The Amiga CD32

Some of you might remember an article about Projekt:Lila that we did a while back here on the blog and the reason why I mention this now is that this was the second release for the IndieGO! system. If you wonder what that was, then I suggest you check out the Projekt:Lila article, anyways the […]


AmiKit XE on Windows, MacOS and Linux

Today I wanted to take a look at the recently released AmiKit XE, the ultimate pre-packaged full featured Classic Amiga emulation for PC, MAC and Linux. The package is put together by Ján Zahurančík, with help from Kenneth Lester (Icons/self-booting USB) and others.

A Look At PONG 4K – Pongtastic!

PONG 4K was released earlier this month and yes it is another new Amiga CD32 title (seriously we are getting spoiled here!), strangely enough this time around it ain’t a Shoot ‘Em Up but an arcade classic reinvented, PONG 4K is exactly what it sounds like – A Pong remake with loads of new features. […]


A Look At Hibernated 1 – All In One Edition

The ongoing stream of Amiga releases never cease to amaze me, I mean, “Hibernated 1 – This place is death” has to be something like the 20th or so game in the last year or so alone and that ain’t a bad thing for a dead format, right? The thing with this Hibernated 1 box […]


The Games We Never Talk About: Motorhead

It is finally time to return to a series we started back in March 2019 with Kid Gloves II, The Games We Never Talk About (but probably should) series, this time it is for another title that I really enjoyed when it came out and still do today, Motorhead. Why Motorhead is one of those […]


A Look At International Karate+

Foreword: a few weeks ago a good friend of mine pointed me toward a fairly new Italian website, called RetroMagazine. As the title implies, the author aimed to write a retro magazine (Italian only, for the time being) mainly focused on the 8bit era. As you know, I did post a few articles already about […]


A Look At Projekt: Lila Remastered

It is crazy to think that it has been nearly 3 years already since i received this Projekt: Lila game, there are several reasons to why I never did get around to review it but the main one was that when I got this game I also got the over-hyped console thingy called the IndieGO!, […]


Building your own Amiga from the board up?

It’s been a while since I’ve made any entries, but I have been lurking around the Amiga community on and off for the past few months, thinking about a trend I’m seeing: People getting printed boards of either replicas or completely new Amiga board designs and building them by the parts.

I hope to talk more about these and the new designs, but for starters, here’s a video of someone soldering on the components for a replacement Amiga 1000 board that also sports things the Amiga 1000 never had access to: 68060 accelerator, a USB board, and a video card.