Hydra Castle Labirynth

Hydra Castle Labyrinth, originally Meikyuujou Hydra, is a freeware Indie platformer developed by E. Hashimoto, a.k.a. Buster, and released on his website. The original game was entirely in Japanese, but saw a translation patch months after its original creation.

Updated link for Pimiga for Raspberry Pi 3 & 4

I formerly posted info about a beta release of PiMiga for RPi 4 and it was taken down shortly thereafter.  I don’t know if it was due to it being replaced for new features or the name was causing problems (it was called Corona edition).  Now, the newly renamed and re-released Lockdown Edition, has been released and there are downloads for both the RPi 3 and 4, not just the 4.

Due to how fast the other one disappeared, grab it now. Here’s the link and the password to unlock the file as of 4/6/2020 (can’t say any of this will work after today):

Hibernated1 Review

Almost a year ago we published a close insight on this game by Stefan Vogt and Pond Software. Back then the choice was made to “only” review the unboxing of the physical edition, since the game is a text-adventure and, as such, is kind of difficult to visually explain. Said physical edition was just way […]


Agony Remake – No Magic And No Art

The original Art & Magic game AGONY is one of the best games I have ever played on my Amiga and yes that was thanks to the setting, graphics, music and the usual top-notch presentation seen in most Psygnosis games at the time and yes I find it rather amazing that neither Psygnosis or SONY […]


A Look At Tiny Little Slug For The Amiga

Tiny Little Slug is one of those games that I have been anxiously waiting for and that for a good reason, as not only was it a new Amiga game but a rather good looking platforming game in the style of Globdule and Steg The Slug. The game comes in a big brown box and […]


COVID-19 postpones Flashback 20/20 feat. Amiga 35

The good news is: it's NOT cancelled! But public health still comes first.

Due to the ongoing Corona virus outbreak, with social life in the Netherlands being restricted to a minimum since Monday 23rd, the organisers of the "Flashback 20/20 feat. Amiga 35" event, originally to be held on June 27th/28th, have decided to postpone it to September 12th/13th 2020. According to the announcement, event tickets will remain valid for the new dates. It is recommended to reach out to your travel booking partners, if required.

IRIDIUM - Creating Maps - 800% Speed

As we get closer to releasing "IRIDIUM" though you might like to see the map building process. While this map still needs double the amount of layers to create the 3d appearance it gives you an idea of how we have built each one.