A Look At The RESHOOT-R Signature Edition

We have blogged about RESHOOT-R a few times already now and that for a reason, but now the time has come to write a few words about one of the 3 editions available to buy now. If you want to know more about the game itself and what we here at AmigaGuru’s Gamer blog thought […]


The Return Of Choplifter? -Dustoff Heli Rescue II

Some of you might remember my love for the old horizontal Choplifter type of games like Apocalypse, Fort Apocalypse and yes even the relatively new one Choplifter HD for the PS3, so when I noticed this game called Dustoff Heli Rescue II thanks to last weeks PSN Sale I just had to go and check […]


A Look At RESHOOT-R:Let The Shooting Begin

RESHOOT-R has been in the wind lately and that for a reason, it is simply one of the largest releases for the Amiga this year and yes today is the official launch day (28th of May 2019) and this is our review. RESHOOT-R is the sequel to the 2016 hit shoot ’em up game RESHOOT […]


Reshoot R - Twitch live stream

A Look At SkillGrid Deluxe Edition

It took quite some time before SkillGrid went gold, much longer than I anticipated in my last (this SkillGrid preview) article anyway. The game hasn’t changed much at all since my last article but a few bugs have been nailed and yes, this lovely big box (that I will review now) arrived at my doorstep […]


Bridge Strike – River Raid Remade

Bridge Strike came out a few weeks ago and I feel that there haven’t really been enough articles and blogs about the game itself and more so the physical floppy and CD releases, well, I certainly felt that I couldn’t find all the information I wanted at least.  AmigaGuru’s to the rescue it is then… […]


A Rather Special Interview With Peter Molyneux

It’s not often that we do videos here on the blog and even more so interviews, but this one is worth it and that goes for the whole concept of the channel too. The team behind this is People Make Games and with just a few videos so far they have shown that they do […]


SkillGrid - new vertical shoot'em up game for Amiga!

Amiga games developers are pretty active these days - here's the latest release in Amiga shoot'em up games. And it's an impressive one.

"SkillGrid" is a new vertical shoot 'em up for AGA Amigas by Simone "RETREAM" Bevilacqua, who by the way is also responsible for the excellent BOH and Huenison games, among others, and has created a little gaming universe made of his creations.