December 2014

PC: Upgrading my gaming rig with custom watercooling (Part 3)

Hey guys.

One more photo update of my build, where I made some initial case cable management before anything else, in order not to have a cable mess inside the case while tubing...
The cables are meant to be covered with thin spiral cable wrap bindings at some point but for now... some tie wraps are just fine :) is gone...

I have decided not to keep and use aros archives..

All the files are saved to my hd and i will upload them to aros archives when i get bit of free time...

Thank you...

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Amiga App Store Review part 2 – Jack for Amiga Appstore

So, here’s the 2nd of the 3 “App Stores” for Amiga. It’s actually part of a much larger utility called Jack for Amiga. I can’t help but think “Jack” is short for “Jack of All Trades”. This utility does a LOT of things. However, I’m only looking at the App Store for now.

Installation was a bit tricky. I downloaded the app, extracted to the RAM drive and proceeded to start the Installer Icon. I was then presented with a helpful splash screen, which had to be closed to proceed:

More GUI details

Not that anybody has ever used that function, but I like it. And the GUI should really be the same, compared to WinUAE:

and on AROS: