January 2015

Game Concept - BoTrannis

Here is a concept for a game thats completely drawn with coloured pencils. 

 It's a simple game. You fly a little ship that shoots butterflies, collect the Jems, exit and advance to the next level. (The black lines are only for showing butterfly paths)

Assist 2.01

Assist 2.01 is now available to download from OS4Depot. This update includes a few minor bug fixes, new articles, new tutorials and additional preview images.
New users can grab the latest version from OS4Depot, while existing users can update to this latest release via AmiUpdate.

Homebrew Amiga Game Brings Out The Lawyers

Released on new year's eve 2014, Smurf Rescue was yet another Amiga game produced using Backbone; a games creation system that seems to be gaining some degree of popularity at the moment.

Unfortunately, what started out as a bit of fun and a gift to the Amiga community quickly got nasty as Studio Peyo's solicitors sued the author, hipoonios, for creating an unlicensed videogame of their blue coloured creations.

Here's hipoonios;

ScummVM 1.7.0 and The Curse of Monkey Island

There where several games that defined the Amiga: Lemmings, Speedball 2, Cannon Fodder, and of course: The Secrets of Monkey Island by Lucasarts in 1991. It was a point-and-click game that overcame it’s gaming shortcomings by adding plenty of monty-pythonesque humour. And it looked really good.

The Amiga was still going strong, but had already losts it’s competative edge. The VGA PC version had better graphics (256 colors against the Amiga’s 32) and better sound. But on the low end market Amiga was still king. Atari ST and PC:s with EGA only had 16 colors and poor sound.