September 2013

File me a river

  • By: JAmiga
  • Posted on: 30 September 2013

I finally found what was wrong, and why ECJ couldn't compile like it should. I missed my modifications made to, the native layer between Java files and Amiga files. With this in place, ECJ can now compile correctly. So, no more need to use jikes.


  • By: 32bitos
  • Posted on: 30 September 2013

Τι μηχανάκι θεικό ήταν (και είναι) ο Commodore 64! Τι βγάζει το άτιμο!


  • By: 32bitos
  • Posted on: 30 September 2013

Τι μηχανάκι θεικό ήταν (και είναι) ο Commodore 64! Τι βγάζει το άτιμο!

Assist 1.61

Assist 1.61 is now available to download from OS4Depot. This minor update includes 10 new articles and several bug fixes.
New users can grab the latest version from OS4Depot, while existing users can update to this latest release via AmiUpdate.

A600: Some recent upgrades and additions

Hey my friends,

It's being a long time since I posted but I was rather busy mostly from work. Thankfully I never stopped tinkering my lovely Amigas but the time was limited sadly.
Also two weeks ago the AmigaHellas website hosted the 12th Amigathering here in Greece in which my A600 took place. That will be covered in a next article though.

So you have been waiting for Basilisk II 1.0

I'm going to tell you about latest changes for AmigaOS4.1
When we talk about Basilisk its emulator for MacOS7/MacOS8, the different versions the Basilisk II 1.0 was created more or less in 2001 to 2006, after this it was almost no changes to Amiga specific stuff.

23 days To AmiWest 2013!

As of today, there are 23 days until the second AmiWest Programming
conference starts and 25 days until AmiWest 2013 starts. It all
adds up to this:

Have you made your plans to come to AmiWest 2013? You don't want to
miss it.

Introducing Notify

I've just uploaded 'Notify' to OS4Depot. This simple little program is designed to act as a kind of 'middle man' between AllKeys and the AmigaOS notification system (Ringhio). Notify makes it easy to associate a key presses (and a few other events) with on screen notifications.

What am I doing?

You might ask, what I am doing, as neither this blog nor j-uae gets any updates. Well, first of all, I have a life (really ;)?) and was on vacation with my family. Then I have a job (unavoidable, someone needs to pay the stuff in this expensive city). Bla bla .. ;).

Other than that, I really like to play withe the SMP branch ;). No, it is not stable, but I like to see all the effects and I am slowly getting to understand, how the AROS lowlevel stuff works.

At least after some boot-tries, you have a chance to get a relative stable SMP-AROS: