Audio Players on the A1222 Plus

OK, enough about setting up the A1222 Plus, let's get into running applications. The first thing I did was download AmigaAmp3, my favorite music player, and load up some of my favorite songs in mp3 format. AmigaAmp3 on the A1222 Plus can play music file fine but it uses a lot of CPU time and, with default settings, causes the GUI response to be very slow and almost unusable. My first thought was what can I change in the settings to improve the performance.

AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup – June 2024

AmigaOS 4 News – June 2024 Hello, Thank you for visiting the Old School Game Blog and for being interested in checking out this month’s AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup. Both May and June proved to be a bit hectic for me, so I have not been as active as I normally am. Still, a new […]

Using a Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard with the A1222 Plus

Using a PC oriented keyboard, and especially, one with a touchpad, can present challenges when used on an Amiga. In this blog, I'll outline the challenges, and present my solutions to make this keyboard very usable with the A1222 Plus. Many of these tips apply to other keyboards with other models of computers running AmigaOS4.

A1222Plus up and running. What now?

Partitioning the SSD Drive

So, the hardware is installed, and I've successfully booted from the Emergency USB recovery stick.  What now?  Partitioning the SSD drive of course. Now this may sound like a simple task and, in general, it is. The most difficult part is deciding how many partitions, what they will be used for, and how big each one should be. 

Building an ReAmiga 4000CR Part 2

OK Next part..

Time to get Chipmem working. and this is one of the bigger changes Commodore did on the CR. they added chipmem onboard.
so add:
U212, U213 (16V8) (those are NOT compatible from the GALs from the Rev2 A4000)
U260, U261, U262, U263 (memory)
Now Chipmem will work.

The Arrival of the Sam460LE from Amedia Computer in France

Hi everyone, Yesterday was a great day. It was the day my new AmigaOS 4 computer arrived! It is a brand-new system built upon the Sam460LE motherboard from ACube Systems in Italy. I originally intended to get the A1222+ but decided on the Sam460LE in the end due to compatibility issues with various games and […]