March 2011

Learning all about Linux schedulers...

I've recently been looking in to the process scheduler linux uses. I found a good write up here: which includes a list by kernel version. The process scheduler is different from the IO scheduler and much harder the change.

Here is the linux scheduler history from the wikipedia:

Linux pre-2.6 Multilevel feedback queue
Linux 2.6-2.6.23 O(1) scheduler
Linux post-2.6.23 Completely Fair Scheduler

The devil is in the details

I often use that phase.  I use it cause it is a good phase, simple but powerful.  In gaming life I recently found my character dropped to 0 hit points.  It was looking like a TPK (Total Party Kill) as I was the healer and being down makes it really hard to heal folks.  So I was looking at my character sheet looking for a way out and noticed that my armor gave me resist 5 psychic.  Turned out I took 3 points of psychic before the blow that took me to 0.

Documentation.. is always


.. is always boring to do. I did a quick guide how to install AmigaOS3 with all required packages and configurations to get Coherency working in j-uae:

This took more time, than I thought, but it might be a starting point for some people.