August 2015

Tower 57 - Kickstarter Project - for AmigaOS

A great Kickstarter game "Tower 57", needs more funds to be able to support our AmigaOS platform.

For more info please go here:

Tower 57 is a shooter, which plays in a dystopian art deco - cyberpunk world. Humans live in huge megatowers, surrounded by radioactive wastelands. Choose your mercenary, get in Tower57 and stop them from invading your hometower.

New game: Tower 57

There is right now a kickstarter for a neo-retro style “Chaos Engine” clone out there called Tower 57. I liked the style from the start and pledged myself an “early bird”. But then the developer dropped a very unexpected hint: he wanted to port the game (if the kickstarter is successful) to AmigaOS 4. Not to make any real money out of it (there isn’t any), but just because he grew up with the Amiga and was happy to hear that development was still ongoing.

Inside my A4000T

The Amiga 4000T. Produced in very small numbers in the last few months of Commodore in 1994 before it went bankrupt, and briefly again by Amiga Technologies in 1996. I thought since I had the system opened up to fix an issue with the hard disk and sound output, I would share some photos of this heavily upgraded machine.

Sorting stuff with MorphOS

A couple of months ago I purchased a 1 TB 2.5″ external USB HDD in order to sort all of my stuff from my various computers into one single, well organised place. The idea is that every computer will eventually have the exact same system. So when I add new stuff (pictures, videos, backups etc) all I need to do is dragging the folder to the HDD and it will add the new stuff.

Dylan The Spaceman - Demo Coming Soon

It's been a fair old while since Chris Clarke updated the Amiga PD web site blog, as most of his free time has been spent working on both "Dylan The Spaceman" and his recently released shoot-em-up "Kingdoms of Steam".

Chris tells us that work has resumed on Dylan, and that he hopes to release a playable demo in the not too distant future.

Having played a work in progress version of this game I can tell you that you're in for a real treat. The game is already shaping up to be something very special, and easily up to the standard of the Codemasters budget titles of old.