March 2024

The Arrival of the Sam460LE from Amedia Computer in France

Hi everyone, Yesterday was a great day. It was the day my new AmigaOS 4 computer arrived! It is a brand-new system built upon the Sam460LE motherboard from ACube Systems in Italy. I originally intended to get the A1222+ but decided on the Sam460LE in the end due to compatibility issues with various games and […]

Bars&Pipes goes AROS

Outstanding news for Amiga musicians: Professional music program Bars&Pipes has been ported to AROS!

Bars&Pipes is a professional grade MIDI music composition program that was originally developed by Blue Ribbon Soundworks in the 1990s. It supports Amiga audio via AHI and plugins (called "tools" in Bars&Pipes).

The A1222+ – Now Available for Purchase on!

Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog. The A1222+ is now finally available for purchase! The price for a motherboard without RAM is 1,199 EUR. 4 GB of RAM costs 39,99 EUR extra. It includes 17% VAT (Luxembourg). A complete system costs 1,599 EUR. This price does also include VAT. Please visit the website of […]

Amiga Future Issue 167 Released

Hi, Thank you for visiting the Old School Game Blog. If you, like myself, enjoy reading a proper paper magazine, then you’ll be happy to read that a new issue (number 167) of Amiga Future has been released. The magazine is in full color and filled with Amiga-related content. Here are some examples of what you […]

Versatile Amiga Testprogram – Version 5.92 Beta Released

Hi everyone, A new version of the Versatile Amiga Testprogram has been uploaded to Aminet. This is version 5.92 Beta. The author states: “An Amiga TestProgram for all Amigas. Remove hardware from the parallel port when doing tests on this port and real interrupt testing. Don`t use Amitestkit or DiagROM testplugs! Remove parallel port testplug […]