February 2020

Games galore #3: Playable, finished, released, re-released, and awarded!

We're stretching 2019 into 2020, trying to keep up with current Amiga game developments. Lots of great stuff going on, and lots of actual releases.

Invyya playable demo

Horizontal SHMUP Inviyya is nearing completion - since we last reported about it, a playable demo has been released. There are still a few glitches, but it looks like this is gonna be a fun classic-style shooter.

The Amiga Bifrost project

This is one I’ve been watching for a few months now.  It’s a small hardware project to control the LEDs with customized solors and patterns. Doesn’t seem like a major project but it appears to be really popular.  Here’s a video:

MorphOS on iMac G5

I speculated not long ago that MorphOS may be silently supporting iMac G5 machines.  If so, this would be great, as the 20″ version has one of the fastest G5’s ever made (2.1Ghz) and one of the best Radeon’s that is supported by MorphOS (X600).

Someone wrote up a guide on Morph.Zone recently. Sounds like the only real thing missing is the boot up logo page.

Check the thread –> here<–

MorphOS 3.13 out!

Just a quick note, MorphOS 3.13 has rolled out.

It’s a lot of bug fixes for the 3.12 release a few months ago.  I have yet to install it on my PowerMAC G4 but plan to soon.

Head over to the official website and download it today!


The Curse Of Rabenstein Collector’s Edition Out Now

Poly.play and Steven Vogt’s studio PUDDLE is back with a brand new text adventure game for our beloved Amiga platform. Their last Amiga release was Hibernated 1 which came out last year, we reviewed it naturally and you can read all about it here. This is Poly.play’s third Amiga release (their first was Zerosphere) and […]


A Look At Black Dawn Rebirth Box & Game

Black Dawn Rebirth from Double Sided Games have been a thing for a while now but I decided to wait with the article until I had actually given the game a proper go as normally I just do an unboxing/box review and then a review later if time permits it. It is hard for me […]


Mutation Software Returns to The Amiga After 22 Years

Adrian Cummings and his studio Mutation Software returns to the Amiga. A new game is in the works and several of his old classics will get a re-release. The new game WIZ will launch later this year, it will be released both physical and Digitally. The planned re-releases = Tin Toy Adventure, Castle Kingdoms and […]