v0.9 releasedjanus-uae v0.9

v0.9 released

janus-uae v0.9 hit the archives: janus-uae.i386.tar.gz

I finally found time to release this version, which was packed up a few days ago. It has the following fixes and new features compared to the 0.8 release:

  • GUI: configuration description is now displayed and can be changed in About tab
  • GUI: fixed p96 memory options, if 68000 is selected
  • GUI: JIT buffer size maximum changed, uses MB instead of bytes now (same as WinUAE)
  • GUI: ROM image names are now updated correctly, if you load a new config file
  • GUI: crash on exit after floppy image has been changed fixed
  • GUI: new CPU tab, which saves state correctly
  • Quit with window gadget does not crash juae any more
  • possible AmigaOS library close race condition fixed
  • removed all debug and symbols, stripped executable