Dragon Memory AROS/AOS4/MOS

Dragon Memory is a simple, but fun memory game with very detailed graphics and addictive gameplay. AROS, AmigaOS4 and MorphOS version.

game was developed with openGL and libSDL libraries, what mean that
without opengl drivers (like in case with aos4 and radeonHD cards) game
will not works, or, only via software renderers like Wazp3D (untested).

user who not have HW accelerated ogl drivers, will automatically switch
to softpipe version of opengl (done by aros itself), which are slower,
but as i386 HW are fast enough, such simple game should works fast on
software rendering pretty fine.

And for morphos also working opengl are must.

All the differences which was done for amiga/amigalike oses its changing of amiga pathes (PROGDIR: and stuff), and one small fix at the exit (adding of missing SDL_Quit();, which looks like workorounds by linux/win32 sdls, but not by SDL on any of our oses).

done as plain .png (to avoid mess with different formats). So, for aos4
you should have png icon.module installed, for morphos all come by
default to support png icons, and for aros some kind of png-icon support
should be used as well (if present).

Download game here