sdlquake1 for AROS/i386

Yesterday on aros-exec , Nikolaos ask someone to compile sdlquake (yeah, that old and first version of the quake) and while no one do it, i give a look at this, just in case of interest, to see, if  any kind of problems can be here.
The compilation process was easy, the main problem was only in the building of makefiles, as configure script want aclocal, autoconf, automake,autoheader and makeinfo, all of which not present on aros natively, and because of which i use my cross-compiler env (winxp/cygwin), with providing some uber line like:
./configure --build=i686-pc-cygwin --host=i386-aros --disable-sdltest
Still makefile builds a bit wrong, and some tweaks was done (like chaning "gcc" on "i386-aros-gcc", adding of necessary stubs on linking stage, and remove some specific flags).
In the terms of sources, game also have some function called Sys_MakeCodeWriteable(), which use mprotect() and getpagesize() functions. And while getpagesize() aros have (in the libiberty.a), mprotect() are not, and after fast check i found that whole Sys_MakeCodeWriteable() uses only for linux, and the fast and safe way its just comment the whole function out.
Few tweaks was done in terms of networks related code (thanks to Serk) , but by some reassons its still crashes when running without -nolan option, and so, that to be fixed if it will necessary for anyone later.
So, at the moment it just works without lan, and the running lines are:
aros shell:> stack 1000000
aros shell:> sdlquake -basedir "/quake/" -nolan -fullscreen -winsize 800 600
or for running in a window: 
aros shell:> sdlquake -basedir "/quake/" -nolan -winsize 800 600

You should have of course packs from the game and put them to root directory.

Get the binary here