New build environment

Just for breaking the silence after a long time, I want to tell you, that I did not loose interest in AROS or uae. It's just "some" missing spare time ;). Nevertheless quite some stuff happened behind the curtain (and will stay there, until it is done).

Another showstopper was, that my old build environment stopped building working AROS binaries, when I tried to do parallel ABI v0 and ABI v1 builds. First I was not able to build the AROS tree at all. It took me hours to get a working tree .. bad especially, if you only have a few moments a week time, to do something productive and all you get a build errors..

But after a lot of fiddling, both AROS ABIs built and booted fine. Binaries from one ABI crashed on the other ABI. Looked good.

The only problem was: Neither of "my" ABIs worked on the official builds. Binaries built for "my" ABI crashed on Icaros, without even entering main. Well, quite some hours of debugging (and thus weeks..), I decided to give up my old build environment and start from scratch on  a fresh linux machine.

As my build environments all run on virtual linux machines, setting up a new machine is quite fast. I chose Debian squeeze as a base system. Installed it with minimal packages (template "ssh-server").

As maybe one or another might try to do that, too, these are the packages, I had to add:

apt-get install subversion
apt-get install xterm
apt-get install gcc
apt-get install automake
apt-get install bison
apt-get install flex
apt-get install netpbm
apt-get install make
apt-get install libpng12-dev
apt-get install bzip2
apt-get install g++
apt-get install libx11-dev
apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev

Especially bad is, if you don't have libx11-dev, as you can build AROS without errors, but you only get an emergency shell and it is not really obvious, that this package is missing during build time.

But now, guess what, I can run the ABI v0 binaries from my builds on Icaros again :)!

So now I just have to get janus-uae building on the new machine, still some way to go..

PS: And even something to celebrate, this seems to be blog post #100!